Friday, 4 October 2013

Must have items

To find your style you need hard work and time, maybe it will take you a few years to find exactly what is the most appropriate style for you...Every woman should have her own personal style. Always try to dress according to your body shape.
You do not need to follow exactly the fashion trends but there are pieces and colors that always are in fashion. If you have a look in your wardrobe it will help you to identify which clothes you feel more comfortable wearing and also to find if the most essentials pieces are included.  

 Essential thinks that you must have are :

1) Pair of jeans

H&M Boyfriend low jeans €39.95

H&M Skinny low ankle jeans €29.95

2) Black trouser

Zara two-ply trouser €39.95

3) Pencil skirt

Zara Pencil skirt €19.95

4) Black Dress

H&M Fine-knit dress €19.95

H&M Sleeveless dress €39.95

5) White and Black basic tops

H&M basic jersey top €6.95

H&M Jersey top €4.95

6) A pair of black high heels

Jimmy Choo leather pumps €425

7) Blazer

Zara single button blazer €59.95

8) Flat shoes

Tory Burch Reva metallic leather ballet flats €190


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