Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Hello friends.. what is the most loved outfit in the summer?.. bikini is the answer for the  modern lady and for all body shapes.

Just For the History...

The bikini,is divided into two parts, known since antiquity. Scientist found similar clothing in ancient Greece. The first bikini was designed in 1946 by Lui Reard.

It took fifteen years until the bikini was accepted in the U.S... Indeed, in 1951 the use of the bikini in international beauty pageants for Miss World's, was prohibited.  However, the bikini caused a world wide sensation when Brigitte Bardot wore one in a movie in 1957.

Finally the bikini's  size shrank, especially during the 1980s, when the string first appeared, consisting of thin strips of cloth or leather.

Below I suggest some good ideas of bikini outfits if you want to be stylish on the beach and even more if you want to grab attention!!!

Miu Miu  €170.00

Melissa Odabash €177.00

Miu Miu Floral applique triangle bikini €310.00

H&M Bikini set €24.90

Victoria Secret

... Sexy swimsuits like ... bikinis for women and tight for men are no longer welcome in some beaches of the United Arab Emirates?  Since, according to local media, the residents do not want to share the coast with tourists who are not MUCH ... dressed!

Monday, 29 April 2013

Packing for Easter Holidays!

Easter holidays mean relaxing and chilling out, just like every holiday of the year.

Today I am going to suggest some ideas of what you could pack in your luggage before the holidays.

So, when you pack, remember to put in your suitcase the most important pieces, such as dresses, your favorite jeans, t-shirts and a jacket for the cooler night.

If you choose to visit a village for the Easter time, remember that it is better to take flat shoes, a jean or a t-shirt.  Enjoying Easter in the village is the best way to relax and also feel that you really celebrate this important holiday.  In the village they celebrate like old times. People are very friendly and organize traditional games in the middle of the square.  But if you choose to stay in the city remember that you need your high heels and more formal clothes.

These holidays need color so choose some colorful clothes in your packing. Pay attention not to take with you very expensive jewelry. For make up style I recommend a natural look for the day and for the night-out just a little color on you eyes with a shine lip gloss.

Long Strapless Dress H&M €19.95

 H&M Necklace €9.95

 H&M Sandals €19.95

Asos Skater Dress In Lace with High Neck €65.65

Zara Multi Strap High Heels Sandal €59.95

Asos Petite Exclusive Top with 3D floral sleeves €49.89

River Island Quilted Short €39.39

Hat with Fabric Bad Massimo Dutti  €39.95

Foulard with Polka Dot Flocking Massimo Dutti €39.95

Vila Dip Dye Denim Short at Asos €39.39

Asos Tassel Bowler Bag with Horse Fitting €45.96

Asos Vest with extreme Swing €13.13

Asos Trousers with Metallic Waistband €45.96

H&M Jacket €29.95

Asos Top Handle Bag with Bar Lock Fitting €45.96


For a stylish Easter- package I can provide some good ideas for a luggage...

Lacoste 80th Anniversary Boston Bag

Louis Vuitton Pegase 55 NM

Friday, 26 April 2013

Thank God It's Friday...

Today,  I would like to illustrate different types of jumpsuits... the best idea for a fashionable clothing on the weekend! Wherever you go during daytime a jumpsuit is always appropriate. Either for a coffee or a drink you will look great.

Jumpsuits will probably be the HOT fashion of this summer and if you give a look at the famous fashion catwalks, you will see jumpsuits in many styles and ways.

We must separate the styles of a jumpsuit, in order to be able to choose the best for us..
1.  Floral Jumpsuit is the 70's style and we recommend to wear it with wedges shoes, stone jewelers and combine it with a casual bag.

2.  Satin jumpsuit or one color. This style remind me of a disco girl from 80's and it is perfect for party styling.

3.  Wide jumpsuit is a different way of style for those who want to look and feel comfortable all day and night. Give attention to your hair.  We recommend a simple hair styling.

4.  Short jumpsuit.  It's girly  and gives you a cool style. Usually it is a good idea to take short jumpsuits on our holidays.

5.  Jumpsuit with a waist belt for the women who are of average built.  It helps hide those extra kilos.

6.  A boot cut jumpsuit is another style you might want to consider. We recommend a neckline and a simple necklace.

Now here are some good ideas for jumpsuit for your weekend.

Aqua Laurent Backless Halterneck  Jumpsuit €110.29

Asos Bandeau Jumpsuit In Crepe €65.65 

Asos Jumpsuit Witch Chic Racer Detail €59.09

Jolie Moi Ruffle sleeve floral print playsuit 

Aqua Jagger Jumpsuit  With Bodice Top €190.39

H&M Jumpsuit €34.95

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sweet 18!!!

Teenage girls should dress appropriately for their ages. Don't try to look older than what you are...

- Try to wear shorts in the summer, mini dresses but again, all to fit your age.

Top and Skirt from H&M €14.95 each 

H&M Sandals €9.95

- Tops with Shorts are also a good choice...

 Motel Pedro Woven T-Shirt With Wide Stripe from Asos  €39.39

Denim Short From H&M €24.95

Espadrilles Shoes from H&M €14.95

Adolescence is the age that girls are getting in the fashion world and make up style.

All women pass from this stage of our lives. I think we can all remember standing in front of the mirror for hours and just gazing, trying to decide on clothes and hair styles, trying to find the correct make up.

You need to try to find the appropriate make-up for your age and the correct hair style that will make you look beautiful and young.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Dress code to impress him on the first date !

Hey friends,

Today we are going to suggest good ways of dressing for a special occasion… for those who want to impress a man on the first date! Special day, special dressing just for him!

We all know that in few hours it is very difficult to present your personality but for sure you can provide hints with your mood or style. Don’t panic and don’t be nervous. Just be yourself and feel as comfortable as you can!

Always remember the following advice and be confident that everything will be OK.

1. Never show too much skin... maybe it is not a good idea to wear a super mini dress or skirt. We advise to wear “free” lines, or silk clothes because they will make you feel comfortable. If you want to be sexy show it in different ways!
2. One little black dress is always a good idea and gives you the opportunity to show that you are classic and cool.
3. A “pencil” skirt will show your feminine site especially when you wear it with a sexy top.
4. Ok…you have to wear high heels even if the man is too short!
5. If you are a casual girl, then I suggest, a skinny pair of jeans.
6. Never forget to take with you ... your favorite perfume!
7. Do not wear too much make up.
8. Of course…your hair must be and look clean!!

- If he ask you to go for a romantic dinner or having a drink we recommend  to choose from the collection below or something similar...

Lydia Bright Swing Dress with Applique Detail €98.48

New Look Savannah Strapped Sandals €26.25

BZR Silk Panelled Tee Dress €156.25

Wedge Espadrille Shoes from Zara €49.95

Asos Jumpsuit  With Halter in Monochrome €65.65

Aqua Langford Cupped Bustier Bodysuit €118.17

Aqua Bleeker  Trouser with High Waist and Wide Leg €105.04

Scott Wilson For Aqua Copan Collar Necklace €164.13

- If he ask you to go for coffee or cinema we can give you some choices:

Aqua Anderson Bodysuit In Camo Print  With Low Back 

Asos Brady  Boyfriend Jeans €49.89

Raw Edge Bleached Jeans from Zara €49.95

Asos Shirt with Angel Sleeve €47.27

Ruthie Davis Shoes

Cork Sandal from Zara €79.95

Before we wish you GOOD LUCK on the first date, today I have a guest on my blog, Elena Michael, who is going to write a few words about our topic.

 “Well girls hello… I have to give my congratulations to Maria because this blog is a real fashion guide for all the women!! Keep Following! So... the first date always makes me nervous... what you have to remember is to just be yourself. Choose colors like pink or white .Do not take a big purse with you, neither wear fantasy jewelry. Try to be nice and smile... not too much off course. Do not get drunk or eat too much if you go for dinner... Also girls... be on time!”

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Big Interview Day...

When we have an interview, we usually feel stressed of how it will go and also what to wear....

The first thing to remember, is that you should look professional. You must give a  good first impression.  The way that you dress is very important and may be the deciding factor of whether or not you get the job.

The first impression only lasts for a very short amount of time.  You must pay attention to your hair style, make up, accessories, and so on.

Your clothes must be clean and ironed.  Your shoes must shine and avoid wearing high heels.  Also never use strong perfumes and remember to wear your hair up. Seat comfortable, feel confident and...Good Luck!!! 

We can recommend some ideas that will help you on this day...

Asos Shirt €32.83

Asos Wide Leg Trouser €26.26

Zara Blazer €119.00

Asos Shoes €59.09

Accessorize Earrings