Monday, 22 April 2013

Fashion for Him by You...!!!

Hello! Hope you had a nice fashionable weekend...

As we all know, men do not pay the same attention as women do for fashion.  Why does this happen?
Men are getting ready in 10 minutes but women need 1-2 hours because they have to think about their hair style, make-up and so on.

Men's 10 minute preparation time may seem short, but during that time they must figure a way to make themselves presentable. So girls, if your boyfriend is not fashionable enough, there is still hope.
You can guide him in your own way.

For example start by giving him a present, something that you really like but be careful not be very fancy! Or you can complement him on a nice shirt-pants combination that he chose to wear.

Sometimes, men only need a good advice in order to give them the motivation to be 'in fashion'.  This should be something like 'I like more that color on you' !!! For a T-shirt or a tie you may suggest him a nice color because you love it on him...

Start from the most important things first, as a classic t-shirt, jean and pair of shoes...

Polo T-shirt

Dsquared Shoes

Diesel Jean

Converse Shoes

McQ Alexander McQueen Polo T-Shirt

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