Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sweet 18!!!

Teenage girls should dress appropriately for their ages. Don't try to look older than what you are...

- Try to wear shorts in the summer, mini dresses but again, all to fit your age.

Top and Skirt from H&M €14.95 each 

H&M Sandals €9.95

- Tops with Shorts are also a good choice...

 Motel Pedro Woven T-Shirt With Wide Stripe from Asos  €39.39

Denim Short From H&M €24.95

Espadrilles Shoes from H&M €14.95

Adolescence is the age that girls are getting in the fashion world and make up style.

All women pass from this stage of our lives. I think we can all remember standing in front of the mirror for hours and just gazing, trying to decide on clothes and hair styles, trying to find the correct make up.

You need to try to find the appropriate make-up for your age and the correct hair style that will make you look beautiful and young.

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