Thursday, 30 May 2013

Espadrilles...Love them!!!

Do you know that espadrilles shoes that we see in all women's feet this season are created and worn from the 13th century?  They were being worn by the King of Aragon's infantry men.

Espadrilles name is delivered from 'esparto'  which is a kind of plant and it was made hand made.  Nowadays we are used cotton but thousand of years ago clothes were of woven fabric.

In the beginning of 19th century the espadrilles were worn by military soldiers and in 1880, they started to sell in large quantities to the mineworkers in north France.  The export in South Africa started around 1880. 

Something that really got my attention is the fact that during the week people wore black espadrilles where on Sundays they preferred natural colors.

During the last few years people seem to prefer espadrilles again...

 Stella McCartney /Neon  mesh espadrilles €195

Tory Burch billie Espadrille

Stella McCartney / Zebra -print woven espadrilles €195

Valentino / Chantilly lace and mesh espadrilles €340

Stella McCartney / Faux leather  and mesh  wedge espadrilles €265

Tory Burch beacher Espadrille

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Summer White

When the summer comes to our mind, we think of white color clothes and light fabrics.  We can say that the color white is like black in the winter time, you can never go wrong because it is a  very safe color.  Most women can't live without it...

White fits to all occasions and at all times either day or night...Lace will be the must this summer as it can give you a wonderful look but don't forget that this color can be worn for sporty outlook and also for more formal occasions.  

If we have a look at all designers for S/S 2013 for sure we can see that white is the trend for this season.

 Chloe Ramie Blend wide leg pants €621


H&M Short embroidered dress €49.95

Roland Mouret Lomelo twill and strech-crepe tapered pants €649

H&M Blazer €29.95

Missoni Layered silk-qauze and lace dress €1430

Juicy Couture Dress

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Printed Pants

If you watch the catwalks for S/S 2013 you will see that they are full of geometric and retro influences from top to toe.  The pants with floral designs remind us something from gypsy lifestyle and the same time Hollywood. 

Don't hesitate to try this look for unique appearances. Make sure that you  have blended it with your own personal style and don't be afraid to take risks!!! It is good to have in mind some tips how to wear this type of trousers because otherwise it will be easy to lose your own style...

If your are just trying on printed pants for the first time, try to wear simple faded colors and one color top. It is better to choose a color that is included in your trousers.  Avoid to wear them with texture pieces because it is too much.  It is good to combine them with sandal shoes either flat or high heels. And a blazer will give you the last tip that makes the outfit look perfect. Avoid mixing digital and floral together.

By Malene Birger  floral prints €400

Zara Printed Cropped Trousers €39.95

 Rag&Bone €311

Zara Printed Cropped Trousers €39.95

 For more extreme appearances try to wear printed clothes but make sure that you choose the perfect combination.


Clements Ribeiro €501.50

Roberto Cavalli Printed Silk Crepe De Chine Trousers €1179

Monday, 27 May 2013

Lounge Night...

Happy Monday everyone!!! I hope you enjoyed your weekend... The summer is here and I'm so excited!  Trying to get used to hot weather.

All of us want to look simple and beautiful and of course do not want to go unnoticed.

However, it is not always so easy to achieve the look, especially if you do not have the necessary guide for  how to dress up.

For a chic, simple and casual look, you should avoid too much accessories...

The key to success is to mix and match different fabrics that can give you different styles.  For example, you can wear a classic waisted jacket and underneath your favorite faded jeans, ending with a pair of pumps. 

Another idea is to wear a beautiful silk shirt with pants and flat shoes.

That’s the perfect combination for going out to a lounge bar or another place! You don’t have to worry for glitter or  over the top clothes because on this occasion you need to be as more simple as you can...  That's why they called these place “lounges”.

Every season is  marked by special, new and different fashion trends. Sometimes the "skinny" jeans, sometimes the male style or "animal prints". 

The only thing you have to remember is to always look elegant and groomed from top to toe, without having to spend a fortune! Remember that everything is a matter of style as long as you follow these simple rules. Take as an example  Victoria Beckham  who is sitting on her fashion  throne as the most stylish woman and icon of elegance!

Photo by Elena

Short and Shirt from H&M,  Shoes from Schutz

Friday, 24 May 2013

Peekaboo Style...

This summer make the difference and be sexier than other seasons...Yes, if you want to be classic and at the same time sexy, it is not necessary to show a lot of bare skin but you can choose the Peekaboo style either with shirts, trousers or dresses.

The Peekaboo style gives you the chance to show off your skin while you are fully dress-up and it is unique...

Of course you can't wear this kind of style when you go for a walk or shopping but you should wear it at the right time and right event!

Asos Lipsy Body with Sheer Inserts  €37.11

Accordion Pleated Georgette Maxi Skirt from Forever21 €26.75

H&M Lace Trousers €19.95

 Asos Vila Oversize Shirt €33.14

 Asos Motel Ella Crop Top €37.11

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Color my Style!!!

Did you know that colors are separated in 4 different seasons and in 2 general categories? The warm and the cold colors.  It will be good for you to find exactly what the best colors are more suitable for you to avoid any unnecessary purchases...

There are several ways to verify the nature shades of your skin...

1) The test of gold and silver jewelery and the test of colors
 2) The test of white and off-white
3) The test of venous

If you don't tan very nicely and you end up with a redish skin and also if the silver jewelery looks better on you it would be advisable to choose cold colors.  It is better to wear colors like navy blue, fuchsia, dark green because they will make you look more relaxing and highlight your features.  If you can see the blueish color of your veins, most probably you belong to the cold categories.

On the other hand, if you tan into a nice color it means that the gold jewelery fits you better and it is good to choose from the variety of  the warm colors.  It is better to wear colors like red, orange and yellow.  Don't choose colors that fit blond girls (if you are a brunette) because this will not highlight your features...And again, if your veins look green, it means that you belong to warm categories.

From the other side it is good to know if you belong to warm or cold colors because it will help you to choose color of your sunglasses and the most important, to choose color for your hair...

If you take a piece of white and off-white fabric and place it near to your face, you will see the difference.  If the white makes you look more healthy and alive this means that you belong to cold colors and the opposite.

Some examples of women's types are:

Warm colors

Cameron Diaz


Nicole Kidman

Cold colors

Kim Kardashian

Megan Fox

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Shorts are back!!!

The summer is here and I think that all of us started shopping for our summer wardrobe or at least we are planning to do it...What is your favorite garment for summer?  I think that shorts are a great choice because they are easy to wear, make you feel comfortable and can be changed  for every occasion and place.

We can wear shorts every day and at all times...we can change our outfit with just a different top or shoes.  Shorts can be worn with flat shoes, high heels and don't forget the converse style shoes for a more sporty outfit.

Depending on how you wear it, you can create a very fashionable look.  You can create a very chic look with short jeans, high heels and blazer. 

Don't forget that in the summer we can get  a very nice bronze skin color because of the sun...the bronze color makes us look more sexy and we love to wear shorts to show off our gorgeous tan!  So, if you go on holidays, remember to put in your luggage a pair of shorts and enjoy the summer days and nights...

Shorts are the trend this summer and you can find them in different designs such as floral, geometric, animal and of course with a variety of colors and different fabrics.

So wear your shorts and enjoy the summer time....

Cuffed Denim Shorts from Forever21

Lime textured high waisted city shorts from River Island

Beaded Lace Shorts from Forever21

 Isabel Marant

Zara Geometric Print Shorts

Moto Pink Stripe Hotpans from Top Shop

Marcobologna - Leopard Print

Yumi Polka dot shorts Black - House of Fraser

Monday, 20 May 2013

"Expensive perfumes come in small bottles..."

"Expensive perfumes come in small bottles..." 

That’s what people around the world say!!  Is it true? Who knows...?  In addition some men prefer petite girls and some other find them unattractive.…

 Elegant or not, at least in showbiz there are dozens of examples of small-sized women, who are capable of losing points in weight to earn success.

What should tiny women avoid when showing off their figures?

The many stripes or clothes with many colors are good to avoid.   Also, if the body type of the woman supports the style of cloth, then it is suggested to be either short or long...there is no middle ground.

What fits a petite to highlight her silhouette?

We suggest vertical line, worshiping heels, with accessories. Also, it is advised to wear a necklace.
Well-cut and straight leg pants will make your legs look longer ... Choose soft fabrics, avoid pleats and also avoid pockets in order to create a smooth silhouette. Also avoid baggy trousers…

Asos Petite Exclusive Bodycon  Dress in Neon Lace With Cut Out Sides €59.65

Top Shop Petite Stripe Cut Out Crop Top

Asos Petite Exclusive  Shift Dress in Crochet Lace and cut out back €72.90

Top Shop Petite MOTO Spot Swing Skirt

Asos Petite Exclusive  Maxi Dress with V Neck €23.86

Top Shop Petite Short Sleeve Lace Crop

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My BOYFRIEND's Jeans...

Jeans have played an important role in our lives... they were invented from XVI century and until now they are the number one garment in our wardrobe.  But the thing is that.....

Did you know that Calvin Klein was the person that actually introduced jeans to our lives??? It was in 1978 that he found a way to make jeans the most fashionable garment and make it look very sexy.  Calvin Klein chose the Brooke Shields that was teenager at the time, only 15 years old, for his advertisement and  with the catch phrase "You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing."

Calvin klein was called the bad boy designer of the 1990's...

And 1992 he again shocked the fashion world with the campaign of Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg that introduced the 'unisex' style.

The «street style» fascinated the stars of Hollywood, who found it difficult to part with their boyfriend's  jeans!
Street style is the new trend, which is also known " The Boyfriend Jeans"

Actually, we started to see the boyfriend jeans together with the androgynous look and its comeback to fashion. It is more comfortable and easy in combining both t-shirts and with shirts or tank tops and corsets for a sexier look or a night out.

They can be worn with sneakers, flip flops, booties, pumps, sandals and platforms showing equally elegant and stylish without binding us and depriving us the much-needed comfort, that we all seek.

Joe's Jeans Slimline Boyfriend Jeans from Asos

Asos Saxby Boyfriend Jeans in Light Wash Vintage Rip  and Repair €46.39

Jane Norman Embellished  Boyfriend Fit Jeans