Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My BOYFRIEND's Jeans...

Jeans have played an important role in our lives... they were invented from XVI century and until now they are the number one garment in our wardrobe.  But the thing is that.....

Did you know that Calvin Klein was the person that actually introduced jeans to our lives??? It was in 1978 that he found a way to make jeans the most fashionable garment and make it look very sexy.  Calvin Klein chose the Brooke Shields that was teenager at the time, only 15 years old, for his advertisement and  with the catch phrase "You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing."

Calvin klein was called the bad boy designer of the 1990's...

And 1992 he again shocked the fashion world with the campaign of Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg that introduced the 'unisex' style.

The «street style» fascinated the stars of Hollywood, who found it difficult to part with their boyfriend's  jeans!
Street style is the new trend, which is also known " The Boyfriend Jeans"

Actually, we started to see the boyfriend jeans together with the androgynous look and its comeback to fashion. It is more comfortable and easy in combining both t-shirts and with shirts or tank tops and corsets for a sexier look or a night out.

They can be worn with sneakers, flip flops, booties, pumps, sandals and platforms showing equally elegant and stylish without binding us and depriving us the much-needed comfort, that we all seek.

Joe's Jeans Slimline Boyfriend Jeans from Asos

Asos Saxby Boyfriend Jeans in Light Wash Vintage Rip  and Repair €46.39

Jane Norman Embellished  Boyfriend Fit Jeans

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