Thursday, 30 May 2013

Espadrilles...Love them!!!

Do you know that espadrilles shoes that we see in all women's feet this season are created and worn from the 13th century?  They were being worn by the King of Aragon's infantry men.

Espadrilles name is delivered from 'esparto'  which is a kind of plant and it was made hand made.  Nowadays we are used cotton but thousand of years ago clothes were of woven fabric.

In the beginning of 19th century the espadrilles were worn by military soldiers and in 1880, they started to sell in large quantities to the mineworkers in north France.  The export in South Africa started around 1880. 

Something that really got my attention is the fact that during the week people wore black espadrilles where on Sundays they preferred natural colors.

During the last few years people seem to prefer espadrilles again...

 Stella McCartney /Neon  mesh espadrilles €195

Tory Burch billie Espadrille

Stella McCartney / Zebra -print woven espadrilles €195

Valentino / Chantilly lace and mesh espadrilles €340

Stella McCartney / Faux leather  and mesh  wedge espadrilles €265

Tory Burch beacher Espadrille

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