Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I Love Greece...

Did you know that Greek Sandals are worldwide popular?  You can wear them at all times and in every place.  They are comfortable and give you a unique style, depending on how you wear them…Greek sandal shoes are been created in light tan leather and are darkened into a rich gold brown color through time.

Celebrities people like Mandona,  Elle Macpherson, Gwyneth Paltrow choose Greek Sandals from the collection of  Greek designer called Christina Martini. Christina has the brand name Ancient Greek Sandals. The models are named after Persefoni, Erato, Electra, Athena...

So, if you choose to have the Grecian-Chic look, this summer remember to have one pair of Greek sandals in your wardrobe.

Why you should buy them?

1. Because they are chic and comfortable
2. They are authentic because they are always leather 
3. You can wear them anywhere, anytime with any style clothing.

If you visit Athens go a round to Monastiraki and Plaka and you will find a variety of Greek Sandal models.

Pythia Sandals from Ancient Greek sandals

Iphigenia Sandals from Ancient Greek sandals


Paxos Sandals from Greeksandal Shop

Ancient Greek sandals for Marios Schwab High

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