Monday, 13 May 2013

This summer I would like to Stripe all day!!!

When you think of stripes, immediately the navy style clothing might pop in your head.  NO my dear friends... 
This year designers introduce stripes in your life through the classical lines.

This year, stripes,  appear in non traditional colors and there are a few designers who combine different colored stripes together.

Well... Even if you like all kinds of striped clothing, do not allow yourself to wear just any type of garment with stripes. Select the style that best matches the morphology of your body.

For example,  If you have a large chest or a little tummy, avoid a top with horizontal stripes. The same goes for  trousers, skirts or dresses. 

And don’t forget...

All women can wear stripes, as everything is a matter of taste and personal style.  If you usually dress casually, choose clothes with colored stripes which float.  On the other hand,  If you dress more formally, choose thin stripes to suit all occasions.

Photo by C.Charalambous @Moonshine Ranch, Protaras

Stripe Top from Zara, Pull&Bear Jeans, Dsquared Shoes, Ray-Ban Sunglasses


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