Friday, 24 May 2013

Peekaboo Style...

This summer make the difference and be sexier than other seasons...Yes, if you want to be classic and at the same time sexy, it is not necessary to show a lot of bare skin but you can choose the Peekaboo style either with shirts, trousers or dresses.

The Peekaboo style gives you the chance to show off your skin while you are fully dress-up and it is unique...

Of course you can't wear this kind of style when you go for a walk or shopping but you should wear it at the right time and right event!

Asos Lipsy Body with Sheer Inserts  €37.11

Accordion Pleated Georgette Maxi Skirt from Forever21 €26.75

H&M Lace Trousers €19.95

 Asos Vila Oversize Shirt €33.14

 Asos Motel Ella Crop Top €37.11

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