Thursday, 9 May 2013

Sunny Lazy Days...

Everyone loves lazy days. Days free of work and stress. For those of us who live near the sea or lake, it is a good idea to take a relaxing walk or even enjoy the occasional coffee or sweet.
For these relaxing days, it is better to choose a comfortable garment with a more casual look.

Sometimes accessories make miracles, create styles and  can make a wonderful impression.

Try to buy clothes that fit your body type and avoid to look for pieces that are over the top because that is not a rule.  Buy simple style clothes and invest on accessories. This is what will give you the perfect unique style and show your personality..

Photo by C.Charalambous

H&M Dress €14.95, Migato Flat Sandals, Massimo Dutti Hat €39.95, Christian Dior Sunglasses, Speedy 30 bag from Louis Vuitton

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