Monday, 20 May 2013

"Expensive perfumes come in small bottles..."

"Expensive perfumes come in small bottles..." 

That’s what people around the world say!!  Is it true? Who knows...?  In addition some men prefer petite girls and some other find them unattractive.…

 Elegant or not, at least in showbiz there are dozens of examples of small-sized women, who are capable of losing points in weight to earn success.

What should tiny women avoid when showing off their figures?

The many stripes or clothes with many colors are good to avoid.   Also, if the body type of the woman supports the style of cloth, then it is suggested to be either short or long...there is no middle ground.

What fits a petite to highlight her silhouette?

We suggest vertical line, worshiping heels, with accessories. Also, it is advised to wear a necklace.
Well-cut and straight leg pants will make your legs look longer ... Choose soft fabrics, avoid pleats and also avoid pockets in order to create a smooth silhouette. Also avoid baggy trousers…

Asos Petite Exclusive Bodycon  Dress in Neon Lace With Cut Out Sides €59.65

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