Thursday, 23 May 2013

Color my Style!!!

Did you know that colors are separated in 4 different seasons and in 2 general categories? The warm and the cold colors.  It will be good for you to find exactly what the best colors are more suitable for you to avoid any unnecessary purchases...

There are several ways to verify the nature shades of your skin...

1) The test of gold and silver jewelery and the test of colors
 2) The test of white and off-white
3) The test of venous

If you don't tan very nicely and you end up with a redish skin and also if the silver jewelery looks better on you it would be advisable to choose cold colors.  It is better to wear colors like navy blue, fuchsia, dark green because they will make you look more relaxing and highlight your features.  If you can see the blueish color of your veins, most probably you belong to the cold categories.

On the other hand, if you tan into a nice color it means that the gold jewelery fits you better and it is good to choose from the variety of  the warm colors.  It is better to wear colors like red, orange and yellow.  Don't choose colors that fit blond girls (if you are a brunette) because this will not highlight your features...And again, if your veins look green, it means that you belong to warm categories.

From the other side it is good to know if you belong to warm or cold colors because it will help you to choose color of your sunglasses and the most important, to choose color for your hair...

If you take a piece of white and off-white fabric and place it near to your face, you will see the difference.  If the white makes you look more healthy and alive this means that you belong to cold colors and the opposite.

Some examples of women's types are:

Warm colors

Cameron Diaz


Nicole Kidman

Cold colors

Kim Kardashian

Megan Fox

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