Friday, 26 April 2013

Thank God It's Friday...

Today,  I would like to illustrate different types of jumpsuits... the best idea for a fashionable clothing on the weekend! Wherever you go during daytime a jumpsuit is always appropriate. Either for a coffee or a drink you will look great.

Jumpsuits will probably be the HOT fashion of this summer and if you give a look at the famous fashion catwalks, you will see jumpsuits in many styles and ways.

We must separate the styles of a jumpsuit, in order to be able to choose the best for us..
1.  Floral Jumpsuit is the 70's style and we recommend to wear it with wedges shoes, stone jewelers and combine it with a casual bag.

2.  Satin jumpsuit or one color. This style remind me of a disco girl from 80's and it is perfect for party styling.

3.  Wide jumpsuit is a different way of style for those who want to look and feel comfortable all day and night. Give attention to your hair.  We recommend a simple hair styling.

4.  Short jumpsuit.  It's girly  and gives you a cool style. Usually it is a good idea to take short jumpsuits on our holidays.

5.  Jumpsuit with a waist belt for the women who are of average built.  It helps hide those extra kilos.

6.  A boot cut jumpsuit is another style you might want to consider. We recommend a neckline and a simple necklace.

Now here are some good ideas for jumpsuit for your weekend.

Aqua Laurent Backless Halterneck  Jumpsuit €110.29

Asos Bandeau Jumpsuit In Crepe €65.65 

Asos Jumpsuit Witch Chic Racer Detail €59.09

Jolie Moi Ruffle sleeve floral print playsuit 

Aqua Jagger Jumpsuit  With Bodice Top €190.39

H&M Jumpsuit €34.95

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